Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three months in...

It's been 3 months today since I started this journey of changing my nutritional lifestyle.  In one respect it seems like it's been forever, but then again it feels like I've just started it.

As of yesterday (Mondays being my weigh-in day) I've lost 22.5 pounds since July 28.  That may not be a lot in 3 months, but for me that's an accomplishment.  I would've love to have lost more, but it's hard for me to loose weight, so any and all weight coming off is a blessing.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I'm going to have to really be diligent in watching what I eat.  I'm thinking about making a bunch of cookies for my husband, kids, and some friends for the Christmas holidays, which will be a test to see just how strong my willpower will be.  :-)

NOTE:  For those of  you are visiting my blog for the first time, I'm trying to loose quit a bit of weight through eating healthier and attending physical therapy sessions.