Sunday, July 3, 2016

And off we go with HTV...

Back in May I told you about getting some equipment to put heat transfer vinyl onto apparel.  After lots (and lots) of trial and error, I think I'm on the road to figuring out what I'm doing.  lol  Truthfully, it can be really aggravating when you're trying to learn to do this on your own.  Some of the mistakes I've made have been:
  • Putting the wrong initial on something.
  • The vinyl wasn't cut big enough for the design.
  • Screwing up the design during weeding. (Weeding is getting all the vinyl off the design that you don't want put on the shirt.)
My daughter, Bethany, and I are in this new venture together.  She is the salesperson and I come up with the designs from the requests she gets.  Quite a few times Bethany has shown me a design from Pinterest and ask me what I can come up with that is similar.  She's also had a couple of guys ask her what we can come up with using a particular phrase they like, but change one or two words.

Each time I try to upload a picture for this posting, it winds up turned upside down.  lol  So, just visit to view our designs.  This page will be updated each time a new project has been completed.