Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 11...

September 11 of each year everyone remembers one of the saddest days in American history.  I remember as though it was  yesterday where I was at and what I was doing when the news came on on the Today Show about the Twin Towers.  I, like everyone else, was in total shock and glued to the tv set.

However, September 11th this year will be remembered as the day we lost our very much loved Shih Tzu, Jerzi.  She would have been 10 years old in November.  On the 10th she had had what we think was a seizure of some sort, but we didn't think that much of it because she was acting like nothing was wrong later that day.  By the time we got home from church on Sunday, we knew something was wrong.  Jerzi passed away in my arms about 3:45 pm.  

I am just now coming to terms with the house being quieter and not having her meet me at the door, barking when she sees our outdoor dog (Rugar), or letting us know when someone is outside.  We miss her bringing one of her favorite toys to our feet and look up at us letting us know it was play time.  She would let my husband know when she thought it was time to go to bed at night.  

If it's this painful when one loses a pet, I don't know how I'm going to deal with the loss of my husband, one of my children, or one of my grandchildren.  Love your family and hold them close, even if the family member is a pet.  Pets are as vital to us as humans are.  Create good memories because one day those memories may be all you will have left.

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