Another Lexington ComicCon Under The Belt...

Doug Jones 
 I am home from experiencing another awesome comic book and toy convention.  The Lexington ComicCon, held March 9-11 at the Lexington Convention Center in Kentucky, played host to such stars as Chuck Norris (Walker, Texas Ranger), Doug Jones (The Shape of Water), Jonathon Frakes (Star Trek Next Generation), John Barrowman (Dr. Who), Jason David Frank (Power Rangers), and Ric Flair (WWE Superstar).  Other stars included Pauley Shore (comedian), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), and Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire).
Lou Diamond Phillips
The crowd on Saturday was very overwhelming at times; I am looking forward to hearing what the actual attendance was.  The lines to get in were 3-4 people wide and longer than I have ever seen.  I was told by a volunteer working the convention that the organizers were very surprised by the number of people attending, and the attendance was approximately 40% more than last year.  As with any convention that experiences such growth there are hicups to be expected, such as crowd control.  The aisle leading to Rupp Arena (where the stars were) was extremely mishandled and people wanting to leave to visit the vendors had a very hard time getting through.  This being said, the organizers realized their mistake of not having a  better entrance/exit made sure that on Sunday rope petitions were set up.  I must give them credit for learning from this mistake.
Jonathon Frakes
One of the upsides to the convention was the security checks; this was the first year this type of security was implemented.  With the number of shootings being reported around the country, I can understand why this was done.
Though there were a few complaints, which is to be expected since you can't please everybody, I am positive the organizers will learn what needs to be changed or improved upon for next year.   The organizers have apologized to their fans for the issues caused by the overcrowding and that's good enough for me.  They always have great guest stars and vendors and I look forward to see what they have in store for us next year.
I have been to every Lexington ComicCon since the first one in 2013 and will continue to go as long as I can.

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